Energy Crisis

LIHEAP provides different programs and funding for emergency assistance;  particularly if energy is shut off already or is about to be shut off due to a  source of heating needing replacement or repair. It  also assists with the  replacement of broken windows that may be causing a substantial energy  burden  or leaking water heaters which are causing health and safety issues.




In NO HEAT situations, we can provide portable electric heating appliances while your main source of heat (furnace, boiler, etc.) is being repaired.





If you have already applied for regular Weatherization Assistance, and an emergency  situation arises, please complete the attached Energy Crisis Application and return it to us  while advising that you are already on the waiting list for Weatherization.

If you have not applied for Weatherization Assistance and need emergency help, you can    apply by completing the Energy Crisis Application.  We encourage you to apply for  Weatherization Assistance also as it will maximize the benefit you receive from the  services.

Energy Crisis Application

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