To qualify for housing rental assistance, a family’s income must be equal to or less than the Annual Income Guidelines established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. (See table below.)

To apply you will be required to fill out a Preliminary Application and provide: 1) photo identification for all adult household members, 2) an original copy of Social Security cards and numbers to which household members have been assigned, and 3) certification of legal residence in the United States for all household members.

The Housing Authority will check the criminal record of all adult family members, including a check to see if any member of the household is registered as a sexual offender. Families with members who are required to register as sexual offenders are not eligible for Section 8 assistance.

   1 Persons  2 Persons  3 Persons  4 Persons  5 Persons  6 Person  7 Persons  8 Persons  9 Persons
50%  of Median Annual Income Very Low Income  $34,750  $39,650  $44,600  $49,550  $53,550  $57,550  $61,450  $65,450  $65,520

Families and individuals with income levels in excess of the 50% of the area median income as established by HUD (very low income limit listed above) do not qualify for Section 8 Voucher Assistance.

The applicants can download the Eligibility Application in PDF format from here.