Participant Information

Steps to lease-up through the Housing Authority of Utah County

1.  Turn-in a Preliminary Application to put your name on our Waiting List.

Preliminary application

2.  Wait until your name moves to the top of the Waiting List.  You will then receive a full Application by mail with a suspense date to make an appointment and turn in the Application with all appropriate papers as listed in the Application.  At this time you may be scheduled to attend a Briefing.

3.  Come to the Briefing at 485 N Freedom Blvd, Provo, UT, where the Housing Choice Voucher Program will be explained to you and you will receive all the documents necessary to find a unit.  You must be on time for the briefing.

4.  Find a unit that you think will pass an inspection, is within the rental limits, is in our jurisdiction (Utah County except Goshen, Fairfield, Cedar Fort, Woodland Hills, or the part of Draper that lies in Utah County),  and the landlord is willing to work with HAUC.

5.  Have the prospective landlord fill out the Request for Tenancy Approval completely and sign it on the back.

6.  Bring the Request for Tenancy Approval, a copy of the proposed lease on which is written:  “The HUD Tenancy Addendum is hereby made a part of this lease,” and the W9 & Cover Letter to 240 East Center, Provo.  After we process this paperwork, if the unit is approved, we will call the phone number on the RFTA or send a letter to your present address to schedule an inspection.

W-9 Form

W-9 Cover Letter

Tenancy Addendum

7.  Have an adult at the unit when the inspector comes to inspect.  The unit must be vacant or you must occupy the unit and all utilities must be turned on for the unit to be inspected.

8.  If your unit does not pass the inspection, make the necessary repairs first, then call HAUC (801)373-8333 ext. 117 to schedule a re-inspection appointment.

9.  After your unit passes an inspection, HAUC will call you to make an appointment to sign the final paperwork.  (This is when your portion of the rent and HAUC’s portion of the rent will be calculated.)

10.  Deliver the leases and contracts to the landlord to fill out and sign. Then return all copies to HAUC (485 N Freedom Blvd, Provo, UT).  After processing, we will mail out the appropriate copies to you and your landlord.

11.  You are then done until re-certification or until any changes occur in your household or income.  We will send a letter two to three months prior to your deadline for recertification.  Follow the instructions to complete your recertification by your deadline.